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LDPM is a ministry to equip His people to become godly and multiplying leaders in their own country and throughout Africa. Africa is going through a revival with a great harvest of about 20,000 people coming to the Lord every day. The issue of developing transformational leaders in the church has not caught up with the movement to equip and disciple the many thousand new babes in Christ. Bottom line, the quality for growth has not been as fast as the quantity.

In many circumstances African churches have a shortage of trained pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders. The scarcity of trained hristian leaders in Islamic countries is much more evident thatn in Christian populated countries. In order to alleviate this challenge the truing of poastors, evangelists, lay people, youth and women leaders is essential.

About Me

David GioveI graduated with a BS in Art, specializing in Commercial Graphics and Digital Production, while minoring in Computer Science. I have seven years experience in web design working in a higher education IT department, with the role of designer/developer for the web team. I offer personal research and design based on your field, profession, personality, and style.

I enjoying being both designer and programmer, where my creative artistry combined with my technical knowledge converge to form a bridge between two ideologies that are often misunderstood by one another.


BS in Art, Majoring in Commercial Graphics & Digital Production, Minoring in Computer Science at Olivet Nazarene University from 2001 – 2006


Designer & Web Developer at Olivet Nazarene University from July 2004 – Present

Designer & Web Developer at Image Group Photography from 2009 – 2010


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If you have any questions concerning design or web development that you would like to have answered, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would really enjoy meeting up and talking through the details of a project that you would like to see realized and implemented!